What is a Vertical Living Specialist?

By employing an apartment specialist, you are employing an agent whose sole focus is to sell the benefits of an apartment lifestyle through extensive knowledge and experience of working in, selling and living in apartment buildings.

Specializing on a specific type of property allows us to solely focus on keeping our finger on the pulse when it comes to prices and results. This allows us to then pass on this information to current owners who wish to be kept updated – a highly sophisticated and transparent information service.

Through dedicating an investment of time into understanding buildings, an apartment specialist has made it their mission to know the buildings inside and out. Everything from when it was built, what kind of people live there, to what it is made from as well as how that building is performing and prices per a square meter. When we know extra details such as the bones of the property eg. how it was built, the materials used etc, we can sell these “invisible” aspects of the property which ultimately enhances the perception of the value through the buyer’s eyes. Understanding the way a building works is very important as it is not typically like a free standing property and can sometimes have restrictions in place. Ultimately this dedication benefits the owner by ensuring that the building, lifestyle, floorplan and location is sold to the highest standard possible maximizing on sale price.

Selling an apartment is very different to a house. Typically there may be more on the market at one time, making your competition a lot harder. There may be tough direct competition with several for sale in the same building. By employing someone who understands how to sell the differences between them is vital when looking to achieve the best possible outcome otherwise you could be on the market and not IN the market and lost at sea amongst hundreds and sometimes even thousands of properties. Our job is to help you and your property stand out over and above this competition.

The lifestyle apartment living offers is also very different to living in a house. Selling the benefits of living in an apartment can really only come from personal experience. As our vertical living specialist has lived in apartments most of their lives, they understand them better than anyone. By employing someone who is genuinely passionate about apartment living is absolute key to selling your property. This passionate energy will transpire through to the buyer and positively influence them by creating the vision and enhancing their dream.