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Caporn Young ringing in the changes - Community News, 22 March 2017

Caporn Young Hosting second Big Call Extravagana - Community News, 15 February 2017

Caporn Young to Stage Auction Extravaganza on Saturday, October 29th - Community News, 7th October 2016

WA Stars at National Awards - The West Australian, 13th February 2016

Impact from the outset - The West Australian, 25th July 2015

Finding right price bracket pays off - The West Australian, 11th July 2015

Masterful use of space - Post Property, 20th June 2015

Office swings with Freo vibe - Post Property, 13th June 2015 

Setting the Benchmark - The Fremantle Herald 

Auctions a Good Guide to Value - The West Real Estate, 6th June 2015 

Bidders are biding their time - The Post, 23rd May 2015

A Stylish Lifestyle - The West Australian, 2 May 2015

Landlords can win a car - The West Australian, 11 April 2015

WAs top agent - once again - The West Australian, 28th February 2015

Enjoy outdoor life near city plus balcony views - The West Australian, 7th February 2015

Changing Hands - Post Property, 31st January 2015

Expat interest high in holidays - The West Australian, 24th January 2015 

Changing Hands - The Post, 20th December 2014

Eight join the million-dollar club - Sunday Times, 14th December 2014

Auction bonanza on the horizon - The West Australian, 25th October 2014

Chance to Brush up in style - The West Australian, 18th October 2014

Close to a perfect move - The West Australian, 6th September 2014

Renovations hit $440m - Sunday Times, 31st August 2014

More going under the hammer - Sunday Times, 13th July 2014

Luxury recovery - Sunday Times, 6th July 2014

Auction season stays hot - The Subiaco Post, 14th June 2014

Buyers keen on houses with energy-saving features - Residential South, 22nd April 2014

Trade-up buyers spur on prestige market - The West Australian, 7th April 2014

Appetite for auction grows - The West Australian, 1st March 2014

Great expectations as $2million plus properties sell faster - Residential West, 11th February 2014

High-end housing heating up - Sunday Times, 9th February 2014

Western suburbs sales sizzling - The West Australian, 2nd January 2014

Positive sales trend continues - Weekend Courier, 21st December 2013

Demand for apartments on the rise - Residential West, 3rd December 2013

Final act of charity - Residential West, 3rd December 2013

Charities get $1m from sale - The Subiaco Post, 30th November 2013

Thumbs up for Perth's property market - Residential West, 5th November 2013

Schools spell high value - Residential West, 29th October 2013

New laws a significant change for landlords - The West Australian, 12th October 2013

Riverside suburbs best for buyers in a decade - Residential West, 10th September 2013

Kids win as real estate firm gives - Residential West, 13th August 2013

Signs positive - Canning Times, 30th July 2013

Hints for winter sellers - Residential West, 23rd July 2013

Next year 'has positive signs' - Comment News, 16th July 2013

Strong sales in west - Residential West, 11th July 2013

Premium property set for big year - Residential Peel, 10th July 2013

Positive signs in record sales - Stirling Times, 25th June 2013

Property health in the pink - Residential West, 18th June 2013

Locals among nation's top - Residential West, 4th June 2013

Two make Top 100 list - Guardian Express, 4th June 2013

Get the price right - Subiaco Post, 17th May 2013

'Priced to sell' remains the best policy: agent - Residential West, 14th May 2013

Estate Agent moves into riverside suburb - The West, 6th April 2013

Caporn Young branches out in Applecross - 9th April 2013

Premium properties on the move - Residential West, 19th March 2013

Stefanie takes top honours & Market upswing - Residential West, 19th February 2013

Changing hands - Subiaco Post, 2nd February 2013

Record week fetches $21m - Sunday Times, 25 November 2012

High-end sales surge shows return to buyer confidence - Residential West, 20th November 2012

1600 reasons to celebrate - The West Australian, 6th November 2012

Caporn Young Fremantle's 5th Birthday - Melville Herald, 3rd November 2012

Conjunctional auction - The West Australian, 3rd November 2012

Two under the hammer - Residential West, 30th October 2012

Nothing in the way of Minim Cove stunner & continued - Residential West, 30th October 2012

Rent surge rolls on - Residential West, 23rd October 2012

Chairmen of the Board - Residential West, 16th October 2012

Rewarded with Bali break - Residential West, 9th October 2012

Confidence at top end - Residential West - 2nd October 2012

Agency grows - The West Australian, 22nd September 2012

Agent expands team to meet demand - Residential West, 18th September 2012

Ask the expert - Sunday Times, 2nd September 2012

Case study two - Real Estate Business Magazine, August 2012

Manager nets a new position - The West Australian, 28th July 2012

Sold before first home open - Residential West, 10th July 2012

Renovations going strong as owners urged to do research - Residential South East, 6th July 2012

Perth big on renovations - Residential West, 6th July 2012

Upgraders driving the revival - Residential West, 19th June 2012

Ask the expert - Sunday Times, 3rd June 2012

Renovations on the rise in shaky market - The West Australian, May 5th 2012

Ask the expert - Sunday Times, 5th May 2012

Nine important home renovation tips - Residential North, 1st May 2012

Renovate with eye for detail and market - Hills Gazette Kalamunda, 28th April 2012

Ask the expert - Sunday Times, 22nd April 2012

Signs indicate bargain-hunting days are numbered - Residential West, 13th March 2012

Marketing agency makes moves - Western Suburbs Weekly, 28th February 2012

Coup for Caporn - The West Australian, 25th February 2012

Ask the expert - Sunday Times, 12th February 2012

Executive rents hit west - Sunday Times, 11th December 2011

Marathon fundraising effort - The West Australian, 3rd December 2011

Auctions deliver results for sellers - The West Australian, 29th October 2011

Record leasing month for Caporn Young - Residential West, 20th September 2011

Rents in western suburbs hit the high notes in WA - Western Suburbs, 20th August 2011

$2.3m sale raises East Cott bar - Residential West, 16th August 2011

Signs point to market recovery - Western Suburbs, 26th July 2011

Investors back in the high end - Residential West - 14th June 2011

Prime areas attract investors - Joondalup Weekender, 2nd June 2011

Low prices, but rising rents draw investors - Residential Magazine, 2nd June 2011

Investors see value in return to market - Southern Gazette, 31st May 2011

Investors return to top of market - Midland Reporter, 31st May 2011

Executive rental demand strengthens - Residential Magazine, 26th May 2011

Executive rentals 'sold out' - Residential West, 24th May 2011

Information evening dissects current trends - Residential Magazine, 3rd May 2011

Clients kept up to date on home front - The West Australian, 30th April 2011

Executive rentals in demand - The West Australian, 16th April 2011

Caporn Young named metro agency of the year - Residential Magazine, 15th March 2011

Caporn Young recognised - The West Australian, 12th March 2011

Executive rents on the way up - Sunday Times, 6th March 2011

Boomers go west - Residential Magazine (WSW), 1st March 2011

Baby boomers grow fond of western suburbs lifestyle - Residential Magazine, 1st March 2011

Executive rents to soar - The West Australian, 26th February 2011

Pitfalls for landlords - Sunday Times, 20th February 2011

Caporn Young's Emma Powell on East Fremantle - The West Australian, 5th February 2011

Property boom on the cards - The West Australian, 23rd January2011

Expats home in on paydirt - Sunday Times, 11th January 2011

Recovery is on the way in 2011 - Western Suburbs Weekly, 14th December 2010 

Renters Look for Quality - Sunday Times, 5th December 2010

Mind Your Ps to Sell Your Home - Sunday Times, 28th November 2010

Top Marks for Values - Sunday Times, 24th October 2010

Smart Location - Sunday Times, 17th October 2010

Miners Snap Up Top Properties - Sunday Times, 1st August 2010 

Good Time for Landlords - The West Australian, 31st July 2010

Balanced Market Expected in Western Suburbs - Western Suburbs Weekly, 14th July 2010

Price Crash as Buyers Disappear - The West Australian, 29th June 2010

More Will Choose to Live Alone - Sunday Times, 20th June 2010

Agency Scores a Record - The West Australian, 19th June 2010

Hint for Auctions - Sunday Times, 23rd May 2010

Exec Market Hot - Western Suburbs Weekly, 27th April 2010

Top-End Rentals Taken Up - Sunday Times, 18th April 2010

Wise Man From the East - The West Australian, 21st January 2010

Go West Now to Secure Long Time Wealth - 22nd November 2009

Residential South - 4th November 2009

Renovations on the Rise - 3th November 2009

Migrants a Boon for Perth property - Western Suburbs Reporter, 6th October 2009

Auction Brings Charitable Result - The West Australian, 5th September 2009

Vacancy Rates Affect Returns - The West Australian, 22nd August 2009

Group Leader - Sunday Times, 16th August 2009

One Step at a Time - Sunday Times, 26th July 2009

Climb a 20-year Ladder... - Western Suburbs Weekly, 21st July 2009

Market at Mercy of Rising Costs - The West Australian, 18th July 2009

Blackburne Sales Shift

Migrants Boost Home Market

Recruit Brings Frontline Insight - Sunday Times, 6th December 2009

Perth's fast-selling suburbs rankings changing fast - Community News, 20th September 2017